About us


Medport Ltd provides a unique multi-discipline approach specializing to a variety of project types for ports and ships, allowing clients to take advantage of the firm’s innovate solutions and expertise.

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Our company is a leader in Greece regarding Port Planning and Marine Consulting with a high expertise in ship and Port Security matters, I.S.P.S., I.S.M., and I.S.P.S. training for ships and port personnel.

President and C.E.O. Vice Admiral H.C.G. (retd) G.S. Manolatos, has a unique expertise in the port and shipping area. For more than 32 years, as an ex-port Authority director, Harbor Master, Director of the H.C.G. Seamen’s training Center, Ship’s Inspector and Chief Financial Officer at the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine and Greek Maritime Consul at New York City and Panama, is capable to help Port Authorities and Shipping Companies to almost any maritime matter.

He holds a University Degree in Economics and Maritime Transport from the University of Piraeus.

Managing Director, Captain H.C.G. (tech – retd) A. Klagkos, has a unique expertise working for more than 28 years as a port and ship inspector, ship and port documentation and I.S.M. and I.S.P.S. matters.

As a technical Officer, he has contacted more than 2,000 inspections of ports, ships and shipping Companies.

He holds a University Degree from Polytechnic University of Athens, Master of Science in U.S.A.R.T. Marine Engineering in National Maritime Academy of Chios.