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  • Marine Consulting:
    – Ministry of Merchant Marine Consulting
    – Ships Documentation and Consulting
    – Port Documentation and Consulting
  • Port Services:
    – Port and Terminal security
    – I.S.P.S. Services.
    a. Security Assessments and Documentation (P.F.S.A.)
    b. Security Plans and Documentation (P.F.S.P.)
    c. Security Training and Documentation.
    d. Port Facility Security Officer Services.
    e. Assistant Port Facility Security Officer Services.
    f. Internal Security Audits and Inspections.
    g. Port Security Planning.
    h. Port Facility Drills and Exercises.
    – Berth layout.
    – Automobile parking area.
    – Ro-Ro Terminal Facility layout.
    – Container Terminal layout.
    – Emergency Access.
    – Port Security equipment for Gates, Port Container Terminal area and buildings.
    – Port restricted areas.
    – Security staffing.

  • Ships Services:
    – I.S.M. inspections and implementation.
    – Security Assessments, Planning and Documentation.
    – Ship Documentation.
    – Security training.
    – Internal Audits and Inspections for I.S.P.S. and I.S.M. matters.

  • Environmental Services:
    – Port Preparation and Documentation for Oil Residues, Sewage and Garbage Handling.
    – Preparation of Port Facility Oil Spill contingency Plans AND Manuals.

  • Financial Services:
    – Port I.S.P.S. charges on ships
    – Cargoes
    – Trucks
    – Containers
    – Vehicles
    – Small Vessels
    – Visitors
    – Contractors.
    – Security Equipment Lease / buy analysis.

  • Training Services:
    – Seamen and Port Security I.S.P.S. Personnel Training and Documentation.

  • Customers:
    – Our company enjoys a long and distinguist customer list and its customers are ports all over the world seeking innovative solutions.